Antonio Hang Tat Chan

Antonio Hang Tat Chan, IFA, IPA, IA

Vice Chairman of Board of Directors
Member of Executive Committee
Chief Executive Officer

  • King Wai Life Insurance PCL, Chairman
  • King Wai Insurance PCL, Chairman
  • King Wai Asset Management (Asia) Company Limited, Chairman & CEO
  • Hong Kong King Wai Group Company, Vice Chairman
  • King Wai Financial Holdings (Shanghai) Company Limited, Vice Chairman
  • Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Director
  • Thai Young Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Honorable President
  • Thai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Vice Chairman
  • China Chamber of International Commerce, Vice Chairman
  • Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Tianjin Municipal Committee Fellow Member
  • China Federation of Oversea Chinese Entrepreneurs, Executive Vice Chairman
  • Council for Promoting South-South Cooperation, Vice Chairman
  • Hong Kong China Chamber of Commerce, Executive Vice Chairman
  • Hong Kong Mainland International Investment Society, Executive Vice Chairman
  • Beijing Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Executive Vice Chairman
  • China Federation of Industry & Commerce, Tianjin Standing Fellow Member
  • China Hong Kong Economic Trading International Association, OBR International Business Committee, Co-Chairman
  • Federation of Hong Kong Chiu Chow Community Organizations, Director
  • International Teochew Youth Federation Council, Vice President
  • Teochew Youth Convention, Honorary Chairman
  • Entrepreneur of the Year, Ernst & Young Global Limited (2019)
  • Master Entrepreneur of the Year, Asia Pacific Enterprise Award (2020)
  • Asia’s Most Admirable Young Leaders of the Year, Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Award (2019)
  • Distinguished Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Award, World Chinese Business Summit
  • Commerce Specialists, University of Toronto, Canada (Bcom)