King Wai Group’s Baoshan City Oasis Project in Baoshan district, Shanghai, China

(27th February 2018, Hong Kong) King Wai Group (Thailand) today unveils its strategic development plan in property and financial businesses to achieve an impressive yet sustainable growth for the company. “There are a lot of opportunities in Thailand, especially with Belt & Road initiative and EEC policy. Thailand is a hub and right at the center of Southeast Asia.” said Mr. Antonio Hang Tat Chan (“Mr. Chan”), Vice Chairman of King Wai Group and King Wai Group (Thailand) in a press interview.

With Belt & Road initiative, China does infrastructure investments and also arouses more economic activities between the belt and road countries, and Thailand is one of neighboring countries that receive first hand benefit. “China is no longer building the great wall but instead connecting the neighboring countries and create opportunities through infrastructure platform.” said Mr. Chan.

Based in Hong Kong, King Wai Group, the major shareholder of the company, is a leading conglomerate with strong expertise in finance, property and cross border e-commerce. The group has been successful in China Mainland and Hong Kong, and also successfully expanded to Thailand and other overseas market.

King Wai Group (Thailand) will further increase its investment in Thailand’s property and financial segments. In Year 2018, the company will launch 3 luxury condominium projects in CBD and 1 housing project in Watcharapol area. Furthermore, the company is planning two large-scale and Mixed-use developments, the Chachoengsao project and Ayutthaya project. The newly- developed Chachoengsao project as a site area of 1,997 rai, its 1st phase mainly consists of residential, health and wellness, and a distribution center.

The Ayutthaya project has a site area of 2,506 rai. Strategically located near the Bangkok CBD, the Don Mueang International airport and a number of universities, this fascinating project comprises residential and education institutes. The company also expects to expand business into financial service section which will support and find the synchronization with current businesses.

Furnish information on the Group‘s property developments in the China mainland, the Shanghai King Wai City Oasis in Shanghai Baoshan is a successful large-scale and Mixed–use eco-friendly community covering an area of 950 rai. The development has residential zones, education zone, and retail and commercial zones. The project is accredited as ‘China’s first ecological residential model” by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Besides, the ‘IMX Shanghai Hongqiao Project in Hongqiao covers 53 rai land area and consists the development of an international exhibition and convention center, a commercial zone and residential zone. King Wai Group leverages on its extensive experiences in mega Mixed-use developments in the China mainland to exercise in its, the Chachoengsao and Ayutthaya developments.

The King Wai Group and King Wai Group (Thailand) has the best social responsibility reputations. Dr. King Wai Chan, Founder and Chairman of the Group, established the “Bauhinia Valley Innovation and Development Center” by a donation approx. 1,000 million baht to set up the centers in top 12 universities in China Mainland. The center serves as an effective platform to support young entrepreneurs in entering the China mainland market, and promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation. The group also launched the Hong Kong Scholarship for “Belt and Road “Students (Thailand) program. The full scholarship gives to 10 outstanding Thai students, studying undergraduate at universities in Hong Kong.

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